The Mental Health Inventory (commonly abbreviated MHI) was developed as part of the National Health Insurance Study (Veit and Ware, 1983) and is one of the components of the MSQLI. It provides a quick assessment of both positive and negative facets of mental health, including anxiety, depression, behavioral control, positive affect, and general distress. The full-length MHI consists of 18 items but is also available in an abbreviated 5 items version. This abbreviated version can be used if time is limited but the full-length version has the advantage of generating subscales.
The MHI has been studied extensively in large populations and comes with considerable evidence for its validity. In the field testing for the MSQLI the MHI showed good convergent and discriminant validity.
The full-length version of the MHI has a Cronbach's alpha of .93 while the short form has an alpha of .82.

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