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I➜In gastroenterology the Child-Pugh Score (also called Child-Turcotte-Pugh score) is used to assess prognosis/mortality in absence of liver transplantation in a cirrhotic patient and hence plan the timing for liver transplantation. Although it was originally used to predict mortality during surgery, it is now used to determine the prognosis, as well as the required strength of treatment and the necessity of liver transplantation. The four grades are:
  - Grade 1: Inverted sleep pattern; forgetfulness, agitation, irritability, apraxia
  - Grade 2: Lethargy; Disorientation for time or place, Subtle personality change; Asterixis, ataxia
  - Grade 3: Somnolence but rousability, Disorientation as regards place; Asterixis, hyperactive reflexes, Babinski signs, muscle rigidity
  - Grade 4: Coma (unresponsive to verbal or noxious stimuli)

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