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  1. AIDS*
  2. Metastatic solid tumor item #6 
  3. Moderate or severe liver disease item #11
  4. Malignant lymphoma
  5. Leukemia*
  6. Any non-metastatic solid tumor*
  7. Diabetes with end organ damage*item #10  
  8. Moderate or severe renal disease
  9. Hemiplegia item #16  
10. Diabetes without end organ damage*
11. Mild liver disease*
12. Ulcer disease
13. Connective tissue disease
14. Chronic pulmonary disease
15. Dementia
16. Cerebrovascular disease
17. Peripheral vascular disease*
18. Congestive heart failure
19. Myocardial infarction*
Charlson et al. J Chronic Dis. 1987;40:373-83. Abstract | Full text

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