Brodaty H, Pond D, Kemp NM, Luscombe G, Harding L, Berman K et al.

"The GPCOG: a new screening test for dementia designed for general practice."

J Am Geriatr Soc. 2002;50(3):530-4.

I➜The General Practitioner Assessment of Cognition, commonly abbreviated GPCOG, is a brief questionnaire designed specifically for rating cognitive impairment and a well-accepted instrument for dementia screening in primary care and. The test consists of both a cognitive test of the patient and an informant interview (required if patient scores 5–8 points). Both parts can be scored separately, together, or sequentially. Performing the cognitive test takes less than 4 minutes and 2 minutes for the caregiver interview.
The psychometric properties of the GPCOG are good. The reliability of the patient section is high, superior to the AMT Score and possibly to the MMSE® in screening dementia.

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