Subbe CP, Kruger M, Rutherford P, Gemmel L.

"Validation of a modified Early Warning Score in medical admissions"

QJM. 2001 Oct;94(10):521-6

I➜The Modified early warning score, commonly abbreviated MEWS is a simple scoring system used by hospital nursing & medical staff as well as emergency medical services to quickly determine the degree of illness of a patient. It is based on data derived from four physiological readings (systolic blood pressure, heart rate, respiratory rate, body temperature) and one observation (level of consciousness, AVPU).
Scores of 5 or more are associated with increased risk of death, ICU admission and HDU admission.
The MEWS can be applied easily in a medical admission unit, and identifies patients at risk of deterioration who require increased levels of care in the HDU or ICU. A clinical pathway could be created, using nurse practitioners and/or critical care physicians, to respond to high scores and intervene with appropriate changes in clinical management.

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