Bishop EH.

"Pelvic scoring for elective induction."

Obstet Gynecol. 1964 Aug;24:266-8.

English, Spanish & French versions

I➜The Bishop pelvic scoring system test was designed to predict inducibility by evaluating the position of the cervix as it relates to the vagina, the cervical consistency, dilation, effacement and station of the presenting part. It's is a measure of how soft and ripe your cervix is before labor.
The Bishop Score by digital cervical examination up to now has been the most popular method for cervical assessment before induction of labour. It is simple to use, easy to determine and does not require any special equipment*.
The exact cut-offs used differs by source, but generally a score of 5 or less indicates the woman is unlikely to go into labor spontaneously at that time, and that an induction is likely to fail (result in a cesarean). Higher Bishop Score values increased the likelihood of vaginal delivery,

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