Cote R, Hachinski VC, Shurvell BL, Norris JW, Wolfson C.

"The Canadian Neurological Scale: a preliminary study in acute stroke"

Stroke 1986;17:731-7

I➜The Canadian Neurogical Scale also abbreviated CNS is a validated neurological assessment of stroke patients that evaluates both mentation (level of consciousness, orientation and speech) and motor function (face, arm and leg).
Motor function evaluations are separated into sections A1 and A2, where A1 is administered if the patient is able to understand and follow instructions and A2 is administered in the presence of comprehension deficits (Cote et al. 1986, 1989). Each motor item is rated for severity and each rating is weighted “according to the relative importance of a particular neurologic deficit” (Cote et al. 1989).
It can be used to monitor change and predict patient outcomes such as length of stay, death, and dependency.
The CNS questionnaire does not need to be administered by a neurologist.

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