Tinetti ME, Williams TF, Mayewski R.

"Fall risk index for elderly patients based on number of chronic disabilities."

Am J Med. 1986 Mar;80(3):429-34

English, Spanish & French versions

I➜The Tinetti test is designed to determine an elders risk for falls within the next year. This common scoring instrument, also called 'Performance Oriented Mobility Assessment' (abbreviated POMA), is a 16-items scale and takes about 8-10 minutes to complete.
The practitioner should review the questions prior to evaluation of the patient and ask any questions regarding the Instrument prior to beginning. The patient is asked to complete the gait portion first with the practitioner walking close behind the elder and evaluating gait steppage and drift. The patient is then asked to complete the balance portion with the practitioner again standing close by the patient (towards the right and in front). The patient is then asked to sit and the score is then totaled. The two sections are sometimes used as separate tests.
The maximum score for gait is 12 points while the maximum for Balance is 16 points (maximum for the overall test = 28 points). The higher the score, the better the performance.

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