Brewin CR, Rose S, Andrews B, Green J, Tata P, McEvedy C, et al.

"Brief screening instrument for post-traumatic stress disorder."

Br J Psychiatry. 2002;181:158-62

I➜The Trauma Screening Questionnaire is a brief self-report trauma screening tool, simple to administer and score, designed for trauma victims in general. The TSQ is a 10-items scale, all derived from the DSM-IV2 criteria and describes either a reexperiencing symptom of post-traumatic stress disorder (items 1 through 5) or an arousal symptom of PTSD (items 6 through 10).
The result of the original study indicate that an excellent prediction of a PTSD diagnosis was provided by respondents endorsing at least 6x re-experiencing or arousal symptoms, for each sample of patients (rail crash survivors and crime victims).

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