LimeSurvey is the advanced online survey system used to provide all the tools available in website. This open source application is widely used in almost all academic fields: Research, tutoring, quality rating, assessment tools, etc.

GemsTracker (GEneric Medical Survey Tracker) is an open-source software package for distribution of questionnaires and forms during clinical research and quality registrations in healthcare. Initially it was designed as an extension to the functionality of LimeSurvey.

The REDCap Consortium is comprised of 281 active institutional partners from CTSA, GCRC, RCMI and other institutions, and it supports a secure web application (REDCap) designed exclusively to support data capture for research studies. The REDCap application allows users to build and manage online surveys and databases quickly and securely.

OpenClinica is the world's first open-source clinical trial application for Electronic Data Capture and Clinical Data Management. The software comes in 2 editions:
    - A free basic version
    - A commercially supported "Enterprise" edition providing additional features.

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